Space Artist

Richard Clar is a native Southern Californian Space Artist now based in Paris. He studied at the Chouinard Art Institute (now California Institute of the Arts). Clar is the Director of Art Technologies, Los Angeles/Paris and has exhibited his work in museums, universities, and galleries in California, New York, and Europe. His work can be found in corporate collections such as JBL Sound, Home Savings of America, and the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. One of his early collaborative efforts, the Hectotron (1982) is now in the permanent collection of the Computer Museum of America. An early pioneer of art-in-space, Clar began interdisciplinary projects in1982 with the design of Space Flight Dolphin a NASA approved art payload for the U.S. Space Shuttle. As a liaison between the worlds of art, science, and technology, Richard Clar founded Art Technologies in 1990 for the purpose of creating interdisciplinary art from high-technology materials and processes. Clar has established affiliations with artists, scientists, institutions, and corporations in the United States, Europe, and Russia.

In 1995, in collaboration with the Naval Research Laboratory, Clar created Collision a constellation sculpture in sun-synchronous orbit comprised of 297 orbital debris objects from all of the space faring nations. Clar's focus on the creation of art-in-space makes use of material, data, and processes related to the various facets of space. Subjects include: the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Orbital Debris, issues of War, and aspects related to Water. Clar's work seeks to engage a broad audience from varied cultural backgrounds.

Richard Clar is currently active with the International Academy of Astronautics serving as Secretary of the Art and Literature Subcommittee, co-chair since 1996 of one the annual Space Activities and Society symposiums, and a member of the SETI Committee. In March, 2001, Clar was the coordinator of the Leonardo/OLATS/IAA Space Art Workshop in Paris and will do so again in 2002. Sponsored by Leonardo/OLATS, Art Technologies, and private donations, Clar organized Yuri's Night at Café de Flore in Paris on April 12, 2001, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic space flight.

Richard Clar is artist-in-residence at Companhia Espacial Portuguesa, Lda where he is collaborating with Dinis Ribeiro on the project: Alma da Agua: A Space Awareness Initiative. Clar has served on the Graphic Arts Council Executive Board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.



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