The DAX Group

Historical reference: All about the The DAX Group

In 1993 the DAX Group officially transformed from being a university based telematic research performance group becoming an independent non-profit charitable corporation registered in the state of Washington USA headquartered in the City of Spokane. Membership in the DAX Group is represented by several of the original members in Pittsburgh, NYC, and Seattle. Membership has now extended with artists in Tucson, Arizona; San Francisco, California; McMinnville, Oregon; Spokane, Washington, and Koln, Germany.

The DAX Group posts an impressive list of citations including telematic

exchanges between artists at The Venice Biennale; Ars Electronica; The Museum of Image and Sound Sao Paulo, Brazil; The World in 24 Hours-Vienna; Le Palais Ideal, Toulouse, France; Ill Serpente di Pietra, Gavoi, Sardinia; Nouvelles Literatures, Images du Futur, Montreal, Canada; I send you One, Media Space, Perth, Australia; Mountain, Rivers and Glaciers, Pittsburgh and the Visual Art Center Anchorage Alaska; Texts Bombs and Video Tapes, Journeys into the Zone, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol UK: Electronic River, and Techno Ambiance MegaLiths and Office Machines, Linfield College, Oregon. McMinnvile Oregon.

Most notable: In 1991 The Africa Network Kwanzaa Honors List Award was presented to "Slowscan Production/DAX " in recognition of the SSTV Exchange called the "DAX d'Accord, Goree Song" produced during the Almadies Memorial Celebration. July 1990.


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