Composer, pianist and educator

Bob Gluck is a composer, pianist and educator who works with interactive electronic systems. He composed his first works for musique concrète and live synthesizer performance system (Buchla Electronic Music Box) in the 1970s, while studying with Donald Funes and Joel Chadabe. After an extended sabbatical to pursue studies and services as a rabbi, he returned to composing in the early 1990s. Gluck's most recent recording, " Stories Heard and Retold " (1998), is a series of sonic collages drawing upon sound objects from Jewish culture and religious life. He teaches Electronic Music at SUNY Albany and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Recent performances of Bob Gluck's music have taken place in Austria, Berlin, Boston, Great Barrington (Massachusetts), Troy (New York), and the traveling " Collage Jukebox ". He is author of numerous articles about Jewish music and communal issues. Gluck's work has been discussed and reviewed in the Computer Music Journal, Moment, The Forward, Reconstructionism Today, Hadassah Magazine... and is detailed in the new book, The Essential Klezmer (Seth Rogovoy, Algonquin Books, 1999). Gluck's current projects include a sound installation in which visitors trigger and shape sounds recorded on site by interacting with wearable and manipulable electronic instruments.

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