Born: Feb 18th, 1948

Geologist since Dec-1973
MSc. in Remote Sensing (1977)
Remote Sensing Specialist (1986)
Senior Technologist of Brazilian Institute of Space Research (INPE) since 1990.

Duties as Manager:

Mineral Research Programme of INPE (1975-1977)

Integrated Development Programme for the Middle Amazon Region (1980-1983)

Technical Orientation and Technological Transfer Centre (1986-1990)

Scientific Advising for the Amazing Amazon Project (1990-2001)

Panamazonia Project-Monitoring of South America Tropical Forest (1990-1995)

Technical Adviser for the Image User Service of INPE (1995 to now).

Field campaigns ranging from the mouth to the high waters of the Amazon River (July/95 and 96)

Some references:

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PRM, June/2001


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