Name: Dinis da Silva Afonso Ribeiro
Date and Place of Birth: 22nd of July 1962, Lisbon - Portugal
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Portuguese


1981 :Matriculated with an average of 15,7 points (78,5%)
1982 :Completed an Electrical course in Low voltage wires
Attended 1st semester of first year Physics at FCUL
1983 : BA degree in Government (Political Science) through UT-Austin
1987 : 3 years of Aerospace Engineering and 2 years International law
1988 : 1st Portuguese citizen selected to attend ISU (post-grad. in MIT)
Completed a Sociology course with an average of 16 points (80%)
1990 : Completed a Management course for Science & Technology
Completed an Administrative and Political Lobbying course
1991 : Completed an export / import trading course
1995 : Completed an Anthropology course with an average of 16 points (80%)

Former Activities and Current Professional Status

1984-1986 : President of the Students Association at UT- Austin "Students for the Exploration and Development of Space" (UTSEDS)
1986 : Payload Manager (University / NASA interface) for a "container-type" Get Away Special acquired by the Aerospace Engineering Dept. of UT-Austin from NASA containing various student experiments to be flown in space.
1987-1989 :Representation of "Payload Systems inc.", a North American company involved in Space technology
1988-1989 :Collaboration with the National Defence Institute in interdisciplinary studies regarding the future developments of aerospace projects in Portugal
1989 : Creation of the Portuguese Space Company Limited (CEP, Lda) ;
Managing Director of the Portuguese Space Company until present date ;
Participation in International Astronautical Federation activities and events through the Portuguese Space Company Ltd.
1988-1991 :Worked as a reporter for the magazine "Futuro" (Science, New Technologies and Innovation) covering subjects related to science and technology
1990 : Editorial coordinator of the "Aerospace Supplement" in the "Futuro" magazine ;
Organised various conferences and round table meetings regarding the problems in science and technology ;
Lectured some classes on Visual Psychology as an assistant at the Institute of Art and Design in Lisbon
1991 : Manager of a small medical company, the " Center for Neuro-Psychiatry and Analytical Psychotherapy Limited" ;
General consultancy services to various Space Agencies and numerous international hi-tech companies
1992 : Signature of the very first protocol between a Portuguese institution and the Russian Space Agency in Moscow ;
Supported the study made by General Technology Systems relative to the capacities Portugal had in order to participate in the European Space Agency ;
Associate Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
1993 : Member of the Science Academy of New York ;
Participated in the technology transference study for the PoSAT consortium ;
Elected as Portuguese representative for the International Design for Extreme Environments Association in Montreal, Canada
1994 : Elected into the board of directors of the Portuguese Air and Space Law Association ;
Elected as a member of the sub-committee on Small Satellites for Developing Nations of the International Academy of Astronautics during the International Astronautical Federation conference in Jerusalem, Israel
1995 : Global Market study regarding launching systems of micro satellites for the company "Ibertronics, s.a." ;
Organised Dr. Gunther Siebert´s visit to Portugal, head of the Microgravity department in the European Space Agency ;
Founding Member of the "Space Forum" association
1996 : Conception and development of the project "Aerospace: experiencing by doing" Conception and support of the Study of Impact of Dependent Phenomena of Gravity in Space Science and Technology in Portugal"
1997 : Purchased the Balance Master system regarding Computerised Dynamic Posturography (complementary neurological exams) initiating these activities in Portugal
1998 : Provided technical support to the Margarine and edible fats industry in the planning and execution of the first Portuguese commercial experiment to be flown aboard the Space Shuttle on STS-95
1999 : Launch of the first Portuguese experiments on board a VS-30 Sounding Rocket from the Alcântara base in Brasil during "Operation São Marcos" ;
Signed a Memorandum of Agreement with a North-American company, "Instrumentation Technology Associates inc." regarding the manufacturing of lab equipment in Portugal, under licence, to be flown on Space Shuttle flights, etc ;
Construction of the first stand belonging to a Portuguese entity during an International Astronautical Federation conference in Amsterdam, Holland
2000 : The First viability study for the creation of a Portuguese Space Agency
2001 : Special edition of the ESA Technology Transfer Program regarding industrial activities in Portugal that can be applied to Space


Science and Technology management, coordination of interdisciplinary projects, applying space technology to other domains such as Computerised Dynamic Posturography (Spin-off).


Deep-sea diving, parachuting, glider pilot, politics and exploration of science and industrial development of external environments (oceans, space, polar regions, deserts, pollutes areas),

Testing of biomedical equipment, international cooperation, interdisciplinary training.

Current research interests (underlining key-words)

Science & Technology management, development of scientific equipment in interdisciplinary projects.


English (Fluent in language, writing and reading) ;
French ( Fluent in language, writing and reading) ;
Spanish (Fluent in language and reading, writing basic Knowledge) ;
Russian (Basic knowledge of language, writing and reading - 2 years in Yuri Gagarin Assoc.)

Prizes won and Articles published

"Space Scholarship Award" given by NASA Administrator James Beggs - Students for the Exploration & Development of Space, Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. USA May 1984

"Award for the most active S.E.D.S. Chapter in the United States"
SEDS Annual Conference, Huntsville, USA em Agosto 1987

"Texas Space Scholarship Program"
Texas House of Representatives Bill HB-1828, 70th Session of Texas State Legislature in Files of the Science & Technology Committee of the State of Texas
Austin, TX, USA Julho de 1987

"Expanding the Concept of Space Program" Paper LBS-88-180
in Symposium on Lunar Bases and Space Activities in the 21st Century, by NASA, AIAA, the Lunar & Planetary Institute, the American Geophysical Union, the American Nuclear Society, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Space Studies Institute and the National Space Society, Houston, TX, USA em 1988

"Base Lunar Internacional: A participação da Europa"
in "Futuro" magazine, June 1988

"Macintosh SE: Uma Ferramenta Interdisciplinar"
in "Futuro" magazine, July 1988

"Três pontos de vista sobre o rosto em Marte"
in "Futuro" magazine, August 1988

"Problemas Informáticos no Discovery e na Soyuz"
in "Futuro" magazine, September 1988

"Pesquisa em Psicologia da Pilotagem na Universidade do Texas em Austin"
in "Futuro" magazine, October 1988

"Cosmética Cósmica - O desenvolvimento de novos produtos de cosmética utilizando microgravidade"
in "Futuro" magazine, December 1988

"Grupo de PME´s Americanas desenham Sonda Lunar"
in "Futuro" magazine, January 1989

"Alterações de Fundo na Política Espacial Americana"
in "Futuro" magazine, January 1989

"A Astronáutica em Portugal"
in "Sábado" magazine, 5th August, 1989

"Engenharia Biomédica em Portugal, Investigação e Desenvolvimento"
in "Futuro" magazine, Separata com o patrocínio da JNICT, 1989

"1996, Odisseia no Espaço"
in Revista Sábado, 6th January de 1990

"The Berlenga Underwater Survey Project"
in Proceedings of the Space & Sea Colloquium, Paris, 24-26 September 1990, ESA SP-312

"Opportunities for Communication Services in Portugal"
A seminar from Advanced Technology International Ltd, for experts from CNES, ESA, NASDA, Eutelsat, Matra Marconi, and the Defense Research Agency in Proceedings of Satellite Communications Conference, Paris, 10-11 December 1991

"A India, Nós e o Espaço"
O programa espacial Indiano e a visita do Presidente da Républica, Mário Soares
in "Diário de Noticias" newspaper, supplement "Medicina e Ciência", 5th February, 1992

"Portuguese Space-Related Legislation"
Paper IISL-92-0022 (International Institute of Space Law)
in World Space Congress - Joint Meeting IAF-COSPAR, IISL Session on Emerging and Future Supplements to Space Law, Washington D.C. USA, September 1992

"Política Espacial Portuguesa"
Seminário da Associação Portuguesa de Direito Aéreo e Espacial, Associação da Força Aérea Portuguesa, 1993

"Future Microgravity Projects in Portugal"
in Proceedings of the European Low Gravity Research Association, Madrid, December 1994

"The launch of gravity dependent projects in Portugal"
in Low Gravity Journal, INTOSPACE, January 1998

"Alma da Água : A Space Awareness Initiative" Co-Author com Richard Clar. Paper presented at the 51st International Astronautical Congress in Rio de Janeiro, October 2000

Contact :


Address: Rua Carlos Lopes, nº2-4º Esq., 2745 Queluz
Telephone: 351 21 439 1455
Cell phone: 351 917 245 587
Fax: 351 21 439 1879


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