Date of birth : 28 February 1971
Place of birth : Windhoek
Citizenship : Namibian


Okahandja/ Primary School A. Shipena Secondary School

I completed formal education and then joined the resistance struggle for Namibian Independence. I was assigned to activities in Angola for one year and then returned to Namibia in July 1989. In 1991, I attended classes at the Council of Churches of Namibia. Later, I met and worked with the Namibian artist Joe Madisia and joined him with other artists at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre. In 1993, I attended visual art classes at the University of Namibia for silk-screen and textile.

I have since then been attending art technique workshops in cardboard print, lino cuts, silk-screen and painting. I have also worked extensively in paper mache sculpture. I also participated in three international artists workshops " Tulipamwe ", two in Namibia, and another workshop " Teng " in Senegal. I have also been holding workshops in 1994, 1995 throughout Namibia, in the development of visual art for schools.


I was an Arts lecturer at Franco Namibia Cultural Centre for two years (1994-95). In the same year I also started conducting workshops throughout Namibia for art teachers and learners in development of visual art, dancing and story telling for schools. I am a member of Performing Arts Subject Committee for National Institute for Educational Development (NIED). Since 1996 I have been lecturing Visual Art and story telling throughout Namibia with schools, colleges and art centres, as an official lecturer for the College for the Arts. I have been a judge for the Visual Art competition for schools and cultural festivals in Namibia.


1993 :

Standard Bank of Namibia Biennial, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek.
Parliament Building, Windhoek.
Travelling Exhibition, Various galleries, Namibia.
Group Exhibition, Bergen, Norway and Trossingen, Germany.

1994 :

Joe Madisia and Friends, FNCC, Windhoek.
Two-person Exhibition, FNCC, Windhoek.
Solo Exhibition, NAGN, Windhoek.
Standard Bank National Arts Festival Grahamstown, South Africa.
Solo Exhibition, St. Louis Museum, Senegal.
Solo Exhibition Gasworks, London, UK.
Tulipamwe International Artists Exhibition, NAGN, Windhoek.

1995 :

Group Exhibition, Finland.
Tulipamwe International Artists Exhibitions, NAGN, Windhoek.
Standard Bank Namibia Biennial, NAGN, Windhoek.
Solo Exhibition, LOFT Gallery, Windhoek.

1996 :

Solo Exhibition Omashare River Lodge, Rundu

1997 :

Youth Expo 97 Competition Group Exhibition (Overall Winner : Youth Enterprise)

1998 :

Exhibition (painting and sculpture) at Unam
Participated in Expo 98 Production " The Curse of the Black Fish " in Lisbon.
Group Exhibition, Engelhardt Design, Swakopmund.
Youth Expo '98, Competition Group Exhibition.
Group Exhibition, Hosea Kutako Airport, Namibia.
Namibia Today Group Exhibition, NAGN, Windhoek.

1999 :

Group Exhibition, Engelhardt Design, Swakopmund.
Group Exhibition, U.S.A.
Shipayo Exhibition, NAGN Windhoek.
International Master Classes Exhibition, St. Petersburg/Russia.
Gold Medal/ Master Diploma in St. Petersburg/Russia.
Group Exhibition, Botswana.
Standard Bank Biennial Exhibition NAGN, Windhoek.

Shipayo (Give it also) is the call for the three of us. The Namibian young artists. It's strongly talking about the past, present and the future of Namibia. It's reflecting the present sufferings and the pain Namibian artists had in the past and are still in. We hope the future will blow some good great changes in our Namibian downpressed artistic society. Yoba.


The National Art Gallery sponsored my studies at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC)
The British High Commission gave me a grant to present my works in a solo exhibition at London, Gasworks in England in 1994.
The FNCC granted me sponsorship for the international artists workshop and solo exhibition in Senegal.


The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC TV) has commissioned a logo for their cultural program Tutaleni.
Council of Churches of Namibia commissioned a work for the AFALMA project.
The FNCC commissioned prints of my work for Christmas cards and calendars.
Murals have been commissioned by C.R.I.A.A. development on several schools and churches.
I received the overall award for youth enterprise in the Youth Expo '97, organised by the National Youth Council.
Logo and letterheads for Oshana Environment and Art Association.


Several articles on my work appeared in materials of the :

College for the arts.
Ministry of Basic Education and Culture
" Arts in Namibia ", the Official Catalogue of Namibian Artists.
Flamingo, in flight magazine of Air Namibia.
Tulipamwe International workshop brochure.
Tutaleni and Kalanami, appearances in the cultural magazine programs of the NBC TV.


P.O. Box 61910
Windhoek - Katutura
Tel : (061) 261973 / 218034
Fax : (061) 293 3117


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