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In this section we present links to websites concerning the questionning about globalization as raised in this project. We are linking to websites concerning related events (symposia, exhibitions, etc.) and to artists' websites presenting projects approaching planetary issues and revealing particular relationships to global dimensions.

Global Crossings

Global Crossings is a Leonardo/Isast project committed to identifying and showcasing the work of international artists, professionals, and scholars from outside North America and Europe"

  • Related events

  • Artist's websites

    Related events

    • Global Eyes, ACM SIGGRAPH 2007
      Call for participants.
    • International symposium "Contemporary art and post-colonial societies" (March, 31, 2006 in Paris)
      Symposium about the african and oceanian artistic production its access difficulties to western art markets.
    • Exhibition « The Conquest of Ubiquity »
      Net Art Exhibition (15th October to 14th November 2003) at XTRA SPACE (Espinardo Campus, Murcia, Spain), curated by José Luis Brea about about the context of transformation of signification, representation and communication practices taking place in contemporary societies.
    • "Transimages 2 : Mobilités"
      The process of globalization and to a larger degree what is now called “globalism” leads to new social and artistic practices. Within this event are presented exhibitions, colloquiums, etc. in various places in Paris (during December 2003).
    • The South Project
      The South Project (2004-2008) is a series of events that gather together the cultural energies of the southern hemisphere, including Africa, South America and the Pacific. Such projects contribute to the transformation of our world representations.
    • Global Consciousness as Utopia
      The second biennale of Tirana (12 September - 23 October 2003) is concerning the concept of “U-Topos”. The french artist Valéry Grancher is one of the invited curators and organizes the exhibition on media art on “global consciousness”. The invited artists are explaining their understanding of the concept. Most of them are using the Internet as an artistic medium. It is considered by the curator as fundamentally changing our perception and defining an alternative globalization.
    • Exhibition " How Latitudes Become Forms : Art in a Global Age "
      This exhibition of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (USA) from February 9 to May 4, 2003 is about art from other latitudes inquiring the notion of the local and global. The exhibition raises also the question of global curating today. The site gives many informations, and interesting texts on the topic.
    • Exhibition " Telematic Connections : The Virtual Embrace "
      The website presents the traveling exhibition (2001-2002) curated by Steve Dietz, and is exploring artists' use of global communication networks. Contemporary artworks are replaced within a historical framework. The website is very complete, it is presenting artworks, a bibliography on telematic art, key-texts and interviews.
    • Exhibition " World Views : Maps and Art "
      Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, Exhibition World Views : Maps and Art, September 12, 1999 - January 2, 2000
    • International Conference " The Foundations of Globalization ? "
      Symposium at the University of Manchester concerning the Foundations of Globalization, 6/7 November 2003

    Artist's websites

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