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> FRIDAY, MARCH 20th 2020

09h30 - 10h00 : Welcome tea & coffee

10h00 - 10h30 : Welcome & Introductions

  • Annick Bureaud, Leonardo/Olats
    Introduction to the House and to the Workshop
  • DalilaHonorato, Co-founder FEMeeting
    Introduction to FEMeeting

10h30 - 11h45 : Session 1 - Moon Beam and Other Waves
Time keeper : Annick
Note keeper : Ségolène Guinard

  • 10h30 - 10h50 : Daniela de Paulis, Artist, Astronomers Without Borders
    Artistic Research on Radio

  • 10h50 - 11h10 : Elizaveta Glukhova, Researcher and media artist

  • 11h10 - 11h30 : Michele Hanlon, Co-Founder and President, For All Moonkind and Co-Director at the Center for Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi
    Preserving Human History in Space - a Path to Sustainable Development and Peace

  • 11h30 - 11h45 : Panel discussion

11h45 - 12h00 : Break

12h00 - 13h00 : Session 2 - Space Women, Women in Space, Space Generation
Time keeper : Dalila Honorato
Note keeper : Adriana Knouf

  • 12h00 - 12h20 : Yulia Akisheva, Space Generation Advisory Council
    Our Giant Leap: towards a more diverse and gender-balanced workforce of the aerospace sector

  • 12h20 - 12h40 : Marie-Pier Boucher, Assistant professor of Media Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada
    Time Beyond Gravity

  • 12h40 - 12h55 : Panel discussion

12h55 - 13h00 : In House Exhibition "Tour" : Frank Malina and Guests

13h00 - 14h30 : Lunch

14h30 - 15h45 : Session 3 - Space, Technology, Innovation, Creativity and Society
Time keeper :Elizaveta Glukhova
Note keeper : Yulia Akisheva

  • 14h30 - 14h50 : Neha Satak, CEO, Astrome Technologies Private Limited
    The Unconventional Startup

  • 14h50 - 15h10 : Fabi Borges, Doctor in Clinic Psychologyst - PUC/SP & Post-phd fellow at PGETE/INPE / Director of Space/Art Platform SACI-E/INPE/Brazil
    SACI-E / INPE - SUBJECTIVITY, ART, SPACE SCIENCE - A Space Culture Platform and Art Residency in the National Institute for Space Research / Brazil.

  • 15h10 - 15h30 : Helene Ben Aïm Drieux, PhD Engineer - Open Innovation Project Manager - CNES
    Prepare future space skills through open innovation

  • 15h30 - 15h45 : Panel discussion

15h45 - 16h00 : Break

16h00 - 17h00 : OPEN PANEL
Moderator : Dalila Honorato
Note keeper : Minna Långström + everyone

17h00 : Kitsou Dubois, French Choreographer, Dance Researcher, Artistic Director of "Ki Productions", Choreographic writing from experiments in microgravity, followed by Sharing Experience

18h00 : Drinks to celebrate end of day 1


> SATURDAY, MARCH 21st 2020

09h30 - 10h00 : Welcome tea and coffee

10h00 - 10h30 : Kitsou Dubois, Sharing Experience

10h30 -11h45 : Session 4 - About Mars, Planetology, Astronomy and back to Earth
Time keeper : Neha Satak
Note keeper : Daniela de Paulis

  • 10h30 - 10h50 : Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves, Artist
    Deep fields

  • 10h50 - 11h10 : Minna Långström, Artist filmmaker, MFA
    A Mars Exploration Into the Image - the background research of the film "The Other Side of Mars"

  • 11h10 - 11h30 : Mirjana Pović, Assistant professor and Head of Astronomy and Astrophysics Research and Development Division, Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, Ethiopia. Associate researcher, Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, Spain Honorary professor, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda
    Astronomy and Space Science for Development in Africa

  • 11h30 - 11h45 : Panel discussion

11h45 - 12h00 : Break

12h00 - 13h00 : Session 5 - Space Is The [dangerous] Place
Time keeper : Fabi Borges
Note keeper : Dalila Honorato

  • 12h00 - 12h20 : Aoife van den Linden Tol, Artist, Vice Chair ITACCUS
    Rules of Engagement

  • 12h20 - 12h40 : Flis Holland, Artist, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
    Gravity doesn't keep you down I do

  • 12h40 - 12h55 : Panel discussion

13h00 - 14h30 : Lunch

14h30 - 15h45 : Session 6 - "Otherness"
Time keeper : Mirjana Pović
Note keeper : Marie-Pier Boucher

  • 14h30 - 14h50 : Adriana Knouf, Artist/Writer/Xenologist; Assistant Professor of Art + Design, Northeastern University
    Tranxxeno Entanglements: On the Audacity of Imagining Transgender People in Space

  • 14h50 - 15h10 : Ségolène Guinard, Ph.D Candidate in Philosophy, University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis
    Of Space Gardens and space gardeners. Towards a cosmicology.

  • 15h10 - 15h30 : Dalila Honorato, InArts Lab - Ionian University
    "Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids"

  • 15h30 - 15h45 : Panel discussion

15h45 - 16h00 : Break

16h00 - 17h00 : OPEN PANEL
Moderator : Michele Hanlon
Note keeper : Aoife van den Linden Tol + everybody

17h00 : Paris-Troy: A FEMeeting Space-Earth Connection
Masters of Ceremony : Dalila Honorato (in Paris) & Marta de Menezes (in Troy)

18h00 : Drinks to celebrate end of day 2

The Leonardo/Olats Workshop "Space Art, Science and Culture - All Women Crew" is suported by the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation (www.fondationcarasso.org/), Cultivamos Cultura (https://cultivamoscultura.com/) and the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris (https://canada-culture.org/).


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